Munia Documentary. 

Born on 21 April 1932 and raised in the beautiful and idyllic town of Konstantinov in Poland, twins Kathe and Horst Schulz were to see much hardship and witness many changes in their lives.

As children, Little Munia (Kathe's pet name) and Horstal, along with their older brother Herbert, were very close to their next door neighbours Richard and Ania, playing together like brothers and sisters. During the endless, long days of childhood they spent much time fishing the lakes in summer and ice-skating during the winter. This friendship and love that they had for one another did not end with the shattering events that were to come.


The town of Konstantinov had a strong sense of community where Poles, Germans, French and Jews lived together in harmony.  However, in 1939 the world as it was known shifted for everyone when Poland was invaded by Germany.  While hatred quickly divided the town and it was forever changed, the friendship of these four children, Polish and German, remained solid.

In 1945, with the Russian invasion of Poland, Munia and her family were forced to flee their home in the frigid month of January, with only the clothes on their backs. Thus began their journey of survival.

 Documentary release date: Winter 2014