Winning Ticket

Whilst walking in -9 degrees through the streets of New York, this guy shouts from a newspaper kiosk 'hello miss, long time?'. This being my first trip to New York, I of course respond 'yeah I know right, how are you?'. I find its too cold to stop or engage in conversation, but moments later, I find myself in the this narrow newspaper kiosk. Barely able to move, I awkwardly fumble around trying to reach for my camera, while he's reaching for the lottery machine. He insists we must do the lottery, ‘you must choose the number miss and I will pay for the ticket’. We giggle a lot. He expresses much gratitude for me stopping and says, ‘no one ever stops to talk’, ‘you are beautiful person’. I take three slow steps backwards out the heavy metal door and back onto the sidewalk. 

I wonder if that was a winning ticket!