The Last Supper

So we've been a little quiet lately and that's because... 

Nomad is on the move..

A rolling stone gathers no moss… isn't that what they say? If you thought you liked us in Marylebone, you're going to love us in Farringdon! We're going all out on setting up a brand spankin' new creative space that is just itching to be used by you… YES, you! 

From early July, we’ll be located in the old Guardian Building which, in the expert hands of Theatre Deli, has transformed into something of a creative hub.

Our ol' faithful photography sessions aren't going anywhere, but Nomad will offering loads of new and improved packages and services to tickle your fancy as well!

Everything's on track and we're feeling the hype! Cheers to a fresh start and keeping you all in the loop as we go! 

Happy trails, Nomad.