The Island Experiment

The Island Experiment is currently one of my favourite hangouts and has been for some time. Why? Well.. where do I begin? It could be the array of characters, the warm sense of community, a feeling of freedom, the randomness, the surprise guests, the talent, the interesting history of the musicians.. And not forgetting the friendships and connections, which form a large part of my work and social life now. 

And on that note... I'd like to give a massive thank you to Wade Bayliss, who runs the Island Experiment. He does a superb job at hosting, performing and generally making sure everyone has a great Wednesday night. All set in the beautiful venue 'The Paradise' Kensal Green. 

So, I was set the challenge to create a promotional video for the Island experiment.  

Now, with knowing all that I know and having lived next door to this Jam night and attending it for nearly four years, I'd seen some serious nights. How does one now film and sum up the Island experiment in 2 minutes? 

After much thought, repeatedly reviewing footage and several trips to the night... this is what we got.. 


Commissioned by the Island Experiment.