Winning Ticket

Whilst walking in -9 degrees through the streets of New York, this guy shouts from a newspaper kiosk 'hello miss, long time?'. This being my first trip to New York, I of course respond 'yeah I know right, how are you?'. I find its too cold to stop or engage in conversation, but moments later, I find myself in the this narrow newspaper kiosk. Barely able to move, I awkwardly fumble around trying to reach for my camera, while he's reaching for the lottery machine. He insists we must do the lottery, ‘you must choose the number miss and I will pay for the ticket’. We giggle a lot. He expresses much gratitude for me stopping and says, ‘no one ever stops to talk’, ‘you are beautiful person’. I take three slow steps backwards out the heavy metal door and back onto the sidewalk. 

I wonder if that was a winning ticket!


The Last Six Months

What a ride... 

The last six months at Marylebone have been super fun, creative, unexpected, challenging and exciting. Its been an awesome experience. A huge thank you Theatre Delicatessen!! 
And a massive Thank You to everyone for making it possible. 

Heres some of what we got up to this year. Enjoy.

The Last Supper

So we've been a little quiet lately and that's because... 

Nomad is on the move..

A rolling stone gathers no moss… isn't that what they say? If you thought you liked us in Marylebone, you're going to love us in Farringdon! We're going all out on setting up a brand spankin' new creative space that is just itching to be used by you… YES, you! 

From early July, we’ll be located in the old Guardian Building which, in the expert hands of Theatre Deli, has transformed into something of a creative hub.

Our ol' faithful photography sessions aren't going anywhere, but Nomad will offering loads of new and improved packages and services to tickle your fancy as well!

Everything's on track and we're feeling the hype! Cheers to a fresh start and keeping you all in the loop as we go! 

Happy trails, Nomad.

The Nomad Open Night

The Nomad Open Night was a success. The wacky portraiture was super fun, thanks for participating! 

Nomad Pop-UP Studio is offering Wacky portrait parties for those wanting to do something a little different from a night out or for celebrating a birthday... !!  

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